Podcast Appearances

The Case for a One-State Solution

The Argument podcast, New York Times, July 2020

Re-Imagining Israel-Palestine

A Conversation with Peter Beinart on American Jews, Israel, and the the Principle of Equality for All
Then and Now, July 2020

When Faith and Politics Collide, with Wajahat Ali and Liz Bruenig

Sixth & I Live, January 2020

In conversation with Ahmed Abu Artema, on the Great March of Return in Gaza

Occupied Thoughts Podcast, March 2019
Foundation for Middle East Peace

In conversation with Akiva Eldar, about Israeli politics

Occupied Thoughts Podcast, Feb 2018
Foundation for Middle East Peace

In 2017, The Forward launched the Fault Lines Podcast

In each episode, Daniel Gordis and I cross our ideological divide, to debate the most important issues facing the Jewish people and Jewish state today. You can listen to all episodes of Fault Lines free on iTunes.

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