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AIPAC Reflects Heroism Of Jewish Power — And Its Perils

March 28, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

It’s fitting that the AIPAC Policy Conference, which convened this week in Washington, D.C., falls every year at around the same time as the holiday of Purim. Because the two have a lot in common. On Purim, Jews read the Book of Esther, which tells the story of a Jew… Read the Rest »

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Who You Callin’ Anti-Semite? Reserve The Term For The Worst Offenders

March 22, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

We’ve been playing this game for months now. First with Michael Flynn. Then with Stephen Bannon. Now with Sebastian Gorka. Liberals accuse a Donald Trump adviser of having ties to right-wing anti-Semites. Trump’s Jewish supporters defend him. And, not content to stop there, they throw the charge back in the… Read the Rest »

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Donald Netanyahu: Many Democrats See The Two Leaders As One

March 15, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

In sports, spectators generally watch the ball. In politics, they generally watch the people who govern. Often, however, important dynamics occur offstage, as parties out of power remake themselves in exile. That’s likely happening to the Democrats. Quietly, in the shadow of Trump, the party will move left. The Democrats… Read the Rest »

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I Support Boycotting Settlements — Should I Be Banned From Israel With My Children?

March 8, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

I have a theory about American Jewish kids and Israel. I’m trying it out on my own children. My theory boils down to “Love first, truth later.” When my kids near adulthood, I’ll encourage them to visit the West Bank. I’ll encourage them to see for themselves what it means… Read the Rest »

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Bernie Sanders Signals Liberal Push To End Israel’s Occupation — With Two States Or One

March 2, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

At the J Street Conference on February 27, Bernie Sanders delivered one of the most intriguing Israel-related speeches an American politician has given in years. Read it carefully, and you can grasp Donald Trump’s radicalizing impact on the America-Israel debate. The more Trump and his advisers question long-standing taboos by… Read the Rest »

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Is Donald Trump Too Ignorant To Deal With Israel And The Middle East?

February 20, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

For almost two decades, American presidents have supported a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Last week, Donald Trump questioned that commitment, thus potentially changing the course of Middle Eastern and Jewish history. Why did he take this momentous action? The most plausible answer is that he’s too ignorant to understand the… Read the Rest »

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How Bibi Played Us On The Iran Deal — And We Let Him

February 15, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Almost two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went before Congress to denounce President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran. The deal, he warned, “could well threaten the survival of my country and the future of my people.” Then, in the closing moments of his speech, Netanyahu addressed the late… Read the Rest »

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What If Jared Kushner Were Muslim And Helped Ban Israelis From America?

February 9, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Let’s try a thought experiment. A blatantly anti-Semitic candidate runs for president. In a CNN interview, he declares that “Judaism hates us.” He falsely accuses American Jews of cheering on terrorist attacks against the United States. He calls for “a total and complete shutdown of Jews entering the United States.”… Read the Rest »

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How Could Modern Orthodox Judaism Produce Jared Kushner?

January 31, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

In our annual progression through the Torah, we are now deep into slavery in Egypt. And each year, around this time, as I read the first Torah portions in Exodus, the same thought occurs to me: Why is all this necessary? By the end of Jacob’s life, he’s back in… Read the Rest »

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Trump and Netanyahu Are Going To Get Jews Killed — Unless They Change Course

January 24, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

When the mass violence starts, and some Israeli Jews die, and many more huddle in bomb shelters, I won’t write a column like this. I won’t write a column like this because when Jewish blood flows, it changes the conversation. American Jews became less tolerant of criticism of Israel. And… Read the Rest »