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Trump Has Freed Progressive Democratic Senators To Finally Criticize Israel

May 15, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

The Forward has learned that on Friday night, thirteen Democratic Senators—including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging the Trump administration “to do more to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.”

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Israel’s Choice To Shoot Palestinians Should Horrify — But Not Surprise Us

May 15, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

The other day, a thoughtful acquaintance, who is to my right politically, asked me a question. He asked what I’d advise Israel to do when faced with thousands of Palestinians, some likely bent on violence, who are trying to storm the fence that separates the Gaza Strip from the rest… Read the Rest »

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How Racism Marred The Jerusalem Embassy Celebration

May 14, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

For more than a century, Palestinians have tried to convince the world (wrongly, in my view) that Zionism is inherently racist. Now they have a powerful new ally: Donald Trump.

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Abandoning Iran Deal, U.S. Joins Israel In Axis Of Escalation

May 8, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

After 9/11, a colleague turned to me and said, “We’re all Israelis now.” Listening to Donald Trump announce that the United States will brazenly violate its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal, I had a similar thought. In the outlooks of their governments, Israel and the United States are now… Read the Rest »

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American Jews Have Abandoned Gaza — And The Truth

April 26, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

“In our time,” wrote George Orwell in 1946, “political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.” British colonialism, the Soviet gulag and America’s dropping of an atomic bomb, he argued, “can indeed be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to face.” So how… Read the Rest »

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A History Lesson For Chuck Schumer On Israel — And A Changing America

March 7, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Chuck Schumer is worried about young people. In his speech on Monday at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference, he warned that “too many of the younger Americans don’t know the history” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “and as a result they tend to say, well, both sides are to blame.”… Read the Rest »

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Is Jared Kushner’s Leap To Power A Jewish Success Story — Or A Tragedy?

March 2, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Jared Kushner is in the news again. This week, The New York Times reported that, in his role as a White House adviser, he met with financiers who went on to invest in the family real estate business, in which he retains a large stake. Not to be outdone, The Washington Post reported that… Read the Rest »

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You Don’t Need Jewish Values To Denounce Israel’s Treatment Of Asylum Seekers

February 7, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Last week, Isabel Kershner, The New York Times’ estimable Israel correspondent, wrote an article about the Netanyahu government’s decision to either expel Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to third countries or indefinitely lock them up. The article ran under the headline, “Israel Moves to Expel Africans. Critics Say That’s Not Jewish.”

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What Happens To Israel When There Are More Muslims In America Than Jews?

January 8, 2018 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

Since the 1990s, American presidents have provided Israel the military capacity and diplomatic immunity to control millions of Palestinians who lack basic rights. Yet, at the same time, American presidents have insisted that Palestinians deserve those basic rights — that, in the words of George W. Bush, “it is untenable for… Read the Rest »

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Jews Are Due For A #MeToo Reckoning – About Palestinians

December 18, 2017 | post a comment | Philip Johnson

To varying degrees, most of us live in a state of willful blindness. We see horror all around us: people lying half-clothed, unconscious, on the sidewalk; football players who sustain brain damage for our enjoyment; news reports about children dying of hunger. We see these things the way we see… Read the Rest »