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Obama's Power Surge

March 28, 2010 | Comments Off on Obama's Power Surge | Peter Beinart

Ever since health care passed, the president is getting comfortable with flexing his muscles. Peter Beinart on the rise of the liberal Reagan.
Is it just me, or does Barack Obama seem different since health care passed? He’s sticking it to the Senate…

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How Obama Did It

March 21, 2010 | Comments Off on How Obama Did It | KateMcMillan

The president lost the ideological battle over health-care reform. But by spotlighting what average Americans need, he transcended the left-right divide, and earned his place in history.
When they turn health-care reform into a movie, I hope they…

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How Barack Beat Bibi

March 18, 2010 | Comments Off on How Barack Beat Bibi | KateMcMillan

President Obama himself will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu next week. Peter Beinart on the fallout for Netanyahu in the Mideast.
Israel’s diplomatic war with the United States will likely end the same way its real war ended last…